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I am a professional referring someone

We welcome referrals from professionals supporting children and their families/caregivers, and youth up to their 18th birthday in Waterloo Region (For youth 18 or over, please contact Here 24/7 for service). We receive referrals from schools, doctors, hospitals and other social service providers. In order to refer a young person or family, the professional should provide them with details about our Service Access and encourage the family to call. Alternatively, you can fill in the forms below and send them to Front Door and we will follow up with you and the client directly.

When should you contact us?

We can help when a child or youth is experiencing mental health, emotional or behavioural problems (the child/youth does not need to have a mental health diagnosis). We use a single counselling and consultation session to work with children (and their parents/caregivers) and youth who are struggling with:

  • Behaviour
  • Emotions
  • Self-harm
  • Relationships (at home or school)
  • School concerns
  • Mental health concerns

And we can help them access other community services along with more intensive mental health treatment services when needed.


Our community has many high quality children’s mental health supports and programs. These services can be accessed through out Front Door. Contact us at 519-749-2932.


To make a referral, please fill out the two forms together with your client and click submit:

Community Partner Referral Form

If you have any questions while filling out the form, please contact us and we will be happy to explain, or just fill out what you can and send it to us. We will follow up with the client to fill in the blanks.

More information

For more information, all calls for service to 519-749-2932 are answered by a mental health professional. Messages are usually returned same day, but may take up to 2 business days.

"I am so glad I was told about Front Door. Thank you for providing an outlet where someone listens, provides insight/feedback and a sense of hope when families are struggling. " Parent